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Barbershop disinfection: safety is synonymous with quality

If you are a client of Shave Barbers & Spa , you do not have to worry at all. For years we have focused on the importance of maintaining a more than correct hygiene in our Barbershop facilities and with respect to our work utensils.

We are regularly audited by specialized companies with high quality standards that certify hygiene, air quality and general cleanliness and health conditions in our premises.

How do we disinfect our men’s barbershop in Madrid?
We are well aware of the importance of hygiene from the day we opened our doors. For this reason, we have a special autoclave system in our facilities to guarantee the disinfection of all our tools before and after use and in a totally individual way.

Our barbershop is also entirely disinfected daily and during the different shifts with powerful approved industrial products.

We invest all our resources in quality to ensure that when you visit us, you do so in complete safety. We guarantee that you will be able to continue doing so without worrying, adapting to the required measures and always having, as our main objective, our commitment to excellence.

At Shave Barbers & Spa we think like you, and we work conscientiously on disinfecting your barbershop , striving even harder in today’s difficult times. We will always be close to you to offer you an unparalleled service.

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