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History of the barbershop: from its origins to the present day

The history of the barbershop is an exciting journey that begins in ancient times: below, we want to tell you about the most significant stages of this interesting journey.

All the great primitive cultures had a precursor figure of the barbers as we know them today. Already in the first communities of homo sapiens, only wise men could cut hair and groom male facial hair. Hair was believed to be the residence of the soul and was therefore treated as a valuable magical item, used as an amulet and in embalming.

Meryma’at, the earliest known barber , lived in ancient Egypt. He shaved the head and body of the priests of Amun every three days.

It is known that in classical Greece men held sessions in which they discussed philosophy, politics, society… However, you may not know that they took advantage of these meetings to take care of their hair and beards. Later, in Ancient Rome, Ticinius Mena was the forerunner of the barbershop and the main representative of this trade. Barbers were called “tonsores” and barbershops were called “tonstrinae”.

The history of the barbershop, from hair care to wellness centers for today’s man

He considers that, in the Middle Ages, barber-surgeons cut hair and beards, but their work went further: they also performed bloodletting, surgeries, amputations, healed fractures and wounds, extracted teeth and a long list of other tasks related to Health.

Already in the 15th century, in England, the professions of barber and surgeon were separated for the first time. However, it was not until the end of the 19th century that pressure from surgeons ensured that barbers were recognized as an independent guild. It was thought then that barbering would end up disappearing, but it rebounded at the end of the 19th century when it began to be taught as a profession in Chicago.

The barbershop today

In the 20th century, there was a great evolution in everything related to male aesthetic care. However, unisex hair salons still suggested that there was no need for men to have beauty salons geared exclusively towards them and their needs.

Despite this, the barbershop has continued to develop and has found its place again. Today, it is a booming profession that goes far beyond hair and beard care, dealing with male aesthetics and well-being in a broad way: beauty treatments, styling, spa services, trends… For its part , the incorporation of technology has revolutionized the possibilities of this profession with such ancient roots.

Thus, the history of the barbershop is now experiencing a new stage with more health than ever. At Shave  we offer you a complete range of services and products for your well-being, which we invite you to try so that you feel like a real gentleman.